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What We Are

Purveyour connects users to independent clothing boutiques in Los Angeles via its unique search tool that populates a list of local stores carrying a chosen brand. You can create a customized shopping itinerary, complete with coordinates and directions, to extend your shopping beyond your phone/tablet and personally engage with the boutiques. Purveyour fuses the convenience of online shopping with the intimacy and adventure of discovering small businesses in the neighborhoods of LA.

  • Get up to date lists of the hidden fashion treasures in Los Angeles, sorted by neighborhood. Purveyour provides: photos, ratings, reviews, and brand catalogs of each boutique, allowing you to preview the store before you venture through traffic. Quickly get directions to the store once you’re ready to buy!
  • Looking for a particular brand? Just use the Brand search function to discover which boutiques are currently stocking that designer.
  • Are you a tourist planning to return home with some LA fashions? Create an itinerary to easily track the stores that you want to visit. Reorder the store list by proximity to optimize your shopping time and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
  • Manage your favorite stores and brands with the Favorites feature in the app.

    "Less Searching, More Shopping”

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